What is a tiny home?

Essentially a tiny home at it is widely known is a small relocatable home - most always set on a trailer with wheels. Tiny homes are small in scale - usually under 20 square metres in floor area - and are able to be moved as required.

The beauty of tiny homes is their ability to reset us back to the basics of life. They can encourage us to live simply and perhaps enjoy a closer connection to our environment.

Tiny homes provide an affordable alternative to a traditional dwelling. They can be engaged as an off the grid environmentally sensitive dwelling or as additional accommodation for an expanding household if required.

Who are tiny homes suited to?

The list is endless! Tiny homes have been appreciated as minimal impact dwellings for a number of years now. Young people and old have adopted and embraced tiny house lifestyles around the world.
Tiny houses may suit down-sizers wanting to reduce their household responsibilities while, alternatively, they can solve the problems of growing families that temporarily require additional space.
Guest accommodation on farms, at recreational and rural accommodation businesses have been well provided in tiny house form. Tiny houses also quietly feature on 'weekender' blocks of land as a simple yet fun living place for people wanting to get away from it all.

What are the benefits of a tiny home?

A tiny home is a small but flexible relocatable dwelling. They provide enormous potential yet minimal risk for experiments in living preferences and meeting changing housing needs.
Tiny homes allow dwellers to live 'lightly' and reduce impact on the earth. 
They can be employed as temporary accommodation in various environments - they can house guests, family members or be harnessed as non-sleeping spaces like a studio or workshop.
The multitude of different uses for tiny homes make them adaptable and dynamic - giving them a longer lifespan than other structures.
Their mobility allows them to be relocated with relative ease and this, combined with their affordability, gives people the opportunity to invest their money and time into something that can be taken with them should they ever need or want to move.

Can I relocate my tiny home?

Yes, our tiny homes are built on custom trailers that are certified RMS compliant and roadworthy. This allows you to relocate your tiny home safely and securely at any time should you wish to.

Do I need council approval to have a tiny home in my backyard?

In most cases DA approval is not required. Please check your local council regulations or call us for a chat.

Can I customise the interior of my tiny home to suit my needs?

Yes, we can discuss your ideas and provide you with options to suit your needs. Upgrades and alternatives are available for each tiny home currently available. In addition to this, if you are interested in a custom built tiny home please contact us to discuss your ideas.

How do I connect to power and water?

Your Nifty Home comes ready to connect to existing services at your chosen site. You will require the services of a licensed tradesman for connection. We are experienced in the delivery and installation of tiny homes and are able to assist you getting your nifty home connected with power and water.

What if there are no existing services on my chosen location?

No problem, you can live in your Nifty Home completely off grid with options for gas heating, solar power, self-composting toilets, rainwater tanks and the like.

Do you deliver my tiny home to my chosen location?

We can arrange delivery for you Australia wide. Delivery incurs an extra fee. Delivery is undertaken by a truck operated by a highly experienced tiny home truck driver.

What if I have no access to my backyard?

Access to your property can be discussed at your initial appointment. Usually feasibility of access is determined early on in the process. Crane services can be arranged if required. Crane services incur an extra fee.

Can you help with preparing the area (land) I would like to use for my tiny home?

We can provide you with contact details for landscaping, earthworks and concreting services should you require them.

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes, we can meet with you, discuss your requirements and present you with options and prices free of charge.

Do you currently have any finished tiny homes for sale?

We do occasionally have tiny homes available to purchase as built - or we may be able to help you find a suitable pre-loved tiny home for sale - feel free to drop us a line. Depending on our workload turnaround time for the shell construction can be surprisingly quick so its always best to get in touch and let us know if you are interested so we can see if we are able to help.

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